Conclave LIVE CAM

After each of the two morning and afternoon voting sessions there will be a smoke signal, which should take place at about 12 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. local time. In case the 115 Cardinals eligible to vote elect the new Pope in the first or third round of voting, the signal with white smoke for the successful election is given immediately. This would be around 10:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m.


12 thoughts on “Conclave LIVE CAM

  1. As a devout Catholic, I am very angcious and eager to hear who will be our next pope. But who ever will he be, may God’s blessings and guidance be alway upon him

  2. I pray the Cardinals are guided by the Holy Spirit and choose a Holy Father who will be charismatic with a cheerful and gregarious personality to pull in the youth of the world. Our blessed Catholic Church very much needs to have a Papa who will attract the youth who will raise families in the Church. Someone who exudes the joy and love Pope John Paul II did, would appeal to so many, would pull people in to hear the Gospel and truly would be a Fisherman of souls for God. I pray God will provide us with a fresh, lively, smiling faced man of God who people will be eager to listen to, so he may effectively spread the Good News and bring people into the Catholic Church.

  3. I along with my family members pray very sincerely for the new pope. May God protect all people in this universe through the guidance of the NEW POPE.GOD please shower your grace up on the cardinals to choose the right servant of you to lead this universe in the path of love.

  4. Being a swede and not catholic I follow this conclave with great interest. This is a historic event that means a lot to many many people. The choice will have a great impact. Not only for those of the catholic church but also for the world.
    I have RAI tv at ( via satellite) home and am watching Otg1.

    • What do you mean by “usher in anti-Christ?” I don’t like the comment. Now, would you say I am an anti-Christ too? Say something good for the Catholics and the christians throughout the world. After all Christians founded the faith on Christ Jesus and Catholic is the Mother Church before the sects were formed into a multitute of christian churches throughout the world today. “If a nation fights amongst itself then it will be destroyed and the enemy will effortlessly conquer it”. Let us pray together to God and uphold ourfaith in Christ’s Ministry. “May the Grace of God, the Love of Christ and Fellowship of the Holly Spirit be with us and the new Pope now and always”, Amen!

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